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From 1966 to 1978, the Zodiac Killer claimed victim after victim in the San Francisco Bay area, repeatedly taunting law-enforcement authorities with direct messages bragging about his deeds. The killer is officially blamed for six murders, but claimed to have killed some 37 people and could have been responsible for as many as 50. When Zodiac starts killing again, the son of the broken journalist who tracked his every move and the retired cop who never caught him, continue the search to find the notorious serial killer

Box Office Info:

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Robert Graysmith )
Robert Downey Jr. (as Paul Avery )
Mark Ruffalo (as Dave Toschi )
Anthony Edwards (as Bill Armstrong )

Directed By: David Fincher
Written By: James Vanderbilt & Robert Graysmith
Produced By: Buena Vista

Release Date (US): March 2nd, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 32min

MPAA Rating: R for strong violence and language

Budget: $85,000,000

Opening Weekend: $20,578

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