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Yankee Irving Movie

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A father and his baseball-playing son must overcome obstacles in order to fulfill their dreams.

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Jake T. Austin (as Yankee Irving - voice )
Brian Dennehy (as Babe Ruth - voice )
Whoopi Goldberg (as Darlin - voice )
Gideon Jacobs (as Bully )
Richard Kind (as - voice )
William H. Macy (as Lefty - voice )
Mandy Patinkin (as Stanley - voice )
Raven (as Marti - voice )
Dana Reeve (as Emily - voice )
Rob Reiner (as Screwie - voice )
Jake Syzmanski (as Yankee Irving )
Joe Torre (as - voice )
Robert Wagner (as Mr. Robinson - voice )
Conor J. White (as Arnold )
Tyler James Williams (as Tommy )

Directed By: Colin Brady & Christopher Reeve
Written By: Jeff Hand & Rob Kurtz
Produced By: 20th Century Fox

Release Date (US): August 25th, 2006

Length of Movie: h min

MPAA Rating:

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $

Yankee Irving Soundtrack

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