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Wild at Heart Movie

Wild at Heart Info:

Released in US August 17, 1990
Total US Gross $14,560,000
Highest Combined Star Gross543
Genres Road Trip
Distributed by Goldwyn Entertainment
Director David Lynch

Wild at Heart Cast:

Nicolas Cage    ( as Sailor Ripley )
Laura Dern    ( as Lula )
Willem Dafoe    ( as Bobby Peru )
J.E. Freeman    ( as Santos )
Crispin Glover    ( as Cousin Dell )
Diane Ladd    ( as Marietta Pace Fortune/Wicked Witch of the West )
Calvin Lockhart    ( as Reggie )
Isabella Rossellini    ( as Perdita Durango )
Harry Dean Stanton    ( as Johnnie Farragut )
Grace Zabriskie    ( as Juana )
Sherilyn Fenn    ( as Girl in Accident )
Marvin Kaplan    ( as Uncle Pooch )
William Morgan Sheppard    ( as Mr. Reindeer )
David Patrick Kelly    ( as Dropshadow )
Freddie Jones    ( as George Kovich )
Jack Nance    ( as 00 Spool )
Sheryl Lee    ( as Glinda, the Good Witch )
Pruitt Taylor Vince    ( as Buddy )

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