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Thanks to falsified dental records supplied by his former neighbor Nicholas Oz Oseransky, retired hitman Jimmy The Tulip Tudeski now spends his days compulsively cleaning his house and perfecting his culinary skills with his wife, Jill, a purported assassin who has yet to pull off a clean hit. Suddenly, an uninvited and unwelcome connection to their past unexpectedly shows up on Jimmy and Jill's doorstep: it's Oz, and he's begging them to help him rescue his wife from the Hungarian mob. To complicate matters even further, the men, who are out to get Oz, are led by Lazlo Gogolak, a childhood rival of Jimmy's and another notorious hitman. Oz, Jimmy and Jill will have to go the whole nine yards--and then some--to manage the mounting Mafioso mayhem.

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Box Office Info:

Bruce Willis (as Jimmy 'The Tulip' Tudeski )
Matthew Perry (as Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky )
Amanda Peet (as Jill St. Claire )
Kevin Pollak (as Lazlo Gogolak )
Natasha Henstridge (as Cynthia Oseransky )
Carl Ciarfalio (as Bodyguard #1 )
Frank Collison (as Strabo Gogolak )
Christopher Gerse (as Young Jimmy )

Directed By: Howard Deutch
Written By: Mitchell Kapner
Produced By: Warner Bros.

Release Date (US): April 9th, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 39min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, some violence and language

Budget: $30,000,000

Opening Weekend: $6,685,381

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The Whole Ten Yards Soundtrack
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