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Welcome to Mooseport. The sleepy Maine community has all the accoutrements of idyllic small town life: a little park and gazebo, quaint architecture, a moose that wanders through the streets, and lots of friendly townsfolk, including the proprietor of the local hardware store, Handy Harrison and his veterinarian girlfriend Sally. Mooseport also just happens to be the vacation home for the leader of the free world: Monroe “Eagle” Cole, the President of the United States. Following two successful terms, the wildly popular President is ready to retire to his “Mooseport White House,” publish his memoirs and embark on a series of lucrative speaking engagements. But Eagle’s retirement is delayed when the folks of Mooseport convince the former President to run for Mayor. At the same time, he sparks to Sally--unaware that she is Handy’s girlfriend. So, when a jealous Handy announces HIS candidacy for mayor, Eagle is dumbfounded. Handy, in turn, sees himself in a race for Mayor and boyfriend. As the campaign kicks into high gear, things get even wilder in this once quiet town

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Box Office Info:

Heather Allin (as Local Reporter)
Christine Baranski
Paul Bates (as Bob)
Enis Esmer (as Airport Passenger #1)
Gene Hackman (as Monroe 'The Eagle' Cole)
Marcia Gay Harden
Jessica Holmes (as Dina)
Jenny Levine
David Macniven
Reagan Pasternak
Karl Pruner
Jackie Richardson
Wayne Robson
Ray Romano (as Handy Harrison)
John Rothman
Fred Savage (as Bullard)
June Squibb
Krista Sutton (as Reporter)
Maura Tierney (as Sally)
Rip Torn
Philip Williams (as Kent)

Directed By: Donald Petrie
Written By: Tom Schulman
Produced By: 20th Century Fox

Release Date (US): February 20, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 55min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some brief sexual comments and nudity.

Budget: $26,000,000

Opening Weekend: $6,775,132

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Welcome to Mooseport Soundtrack
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