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The Wedding Planner Movie

The Wedding Planner Info:

Released in US January 26, 2001
Total US Gross $60,400,856
Production Budget $28,000,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for language and some sexual humor
Distributed by Sony Pictures
Produced by Tapestry Films
Major Genre Romantic Comedy
Director Adam Shankman

The Wedding Planner Cast:

Jennifer Lopez    ( as Maria 'Mary' Fiore )
Matthew McConaughey    ( as Dr. Steven James 'Steve/Eddie' Edison )
Justin Chambers    ( as Massimo )
Bridgette Wilson    ( as Francine 'Fran/Frannie' Donolly )
Judy Greer    ( as Penny Nicholson )
Alex Rocco    ( as Salvatore )
Joanna Gleason    ( as Mrs. Donolly )
Charles Kimbrough    ( as Mr. Donolly )
Kevin Pollak    ( as Dr. John Dojny )
Fred Willard    ( as Basil St. Mosely )
Lou Myers    ( as Burt Weinberg )
Frances Bay    ( as Dottie )
Kathy Najimy    ( as Geri )
Cortney Shounia    ( as Mary Fiore (Age 7) )

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