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Centuries of global warming have caused the polar ice caps to melt, flooding the earth as civilization is left adrift. The inhabitants of this once-flourishing planet cling to life on incredible floating cities, their existence constantly threatened by Smokers--bands of marauding pirates who roam the featureless surface of Waterworld. For the survivors, one chance remains: a solitary hero, known only as the Mariner. Battling the Smokers and their ruthless leader, the Deacon, the Mariner sets out with a beautiful woman and a mysterious little girl on a search for a new beginning.

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Box Office Info:

Kevin Costner (as Mariner)
Chaim Girafi (as Drifter )
Rick Aviles (as Gatesman)
R.D. Call (as Enforcer)
Zitto Kazann (as Elder/Survivor)
Leonardo Cimino (as Elder)
Zakes Mokae (as Priam)
Luke Ka'ili Jr. (as Boy)
Anthony DeMasters (as Boy)
Willy Petrovic (as Boy)
Jack Kehler (as Banker)
Jeanne Tripplehorn (as Helen)
Lanny Flaherty (as Trader)
Robert A. Silverman (as Hydroholic)
Gerard Murphy (as Nord)

Directed By: Kevin Reynolds
Written By:Peter Rader and David Twohy
Produced By: Universal Pictures [us]

Release Date July 28th, 1995

Length of Movie: 136 min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some intense scenes of action violence, brief nudity and language.

Budget: $175,000,000

Opening Weekend:

Domestic Box Office Gross: $88,246,220

Waterworld Soundtrack

Waterworld Soundtrack
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1. Main Titles
2. Escaping the Smokers
3. Atoll
4. Prodigal Child
5. Smokers Sighted
6. Swimming
7. Skyboat
8. National Geographics
9. Speargun
10. Bubble
11. Helen Frees the Mariner
12. Helen Sews
13. Slide for Life
14. Half an Hour
15. We're Gonna Die
16. Arriving at the Deez
17. Deacon's Speech
18. Haircuts
19. Gills
20. Why Aren't You Rowing?
21. Balloon Flight
22. Dry Land
23. Mariner's Goodbye
24. Main Credits

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