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Waking the Dead Movie

Waking the Dead Info:

Released in US March 24, 2000
Total US Gross $327,418

Waking the Dead Cast:

Billy Crudup    ( as Fielding Pierce )
Jennifer Connelly    ( as Sarah Williams )
Molly Parker    ( as Juliet Beck )
Janet McTeer    ( as Caroline Pierce )
Paul Hipp    ( as Danny Pierce )
Sandra Oh    ( as Kim )
Hal Holbrook    ( as Isaac Green )
Bill Haughland    ( as TV Newsman at Bombing )
Nelson Landrieu    ( as Francisco Higgens )
Ivonne Coll    ( as Gisella Higgens )
Maxine Guess    ( as Danny's Receptionist )
Lawrence Dane    ( as Governor Kinosis )
Ed Harris    ( as Jerry Carmichael )
Robert Harding    ( as TV Newsman #2 )
Larry Marshall    ( as Angelo Bertelli )

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