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Vulgar Movie

Vulgar Info:

Released in US April 26, 2002
Total US Gross $14,904
MPAA Rating R for disturbing sexual violence, some shootings and strong language.

Vulgar Cast:

Brian O'Halloran    ( as Will Carlson/Vulgar )
Bryan Johnson    ( as Syd )
Jerry Lewkowitz    ( as Ed Fanelli )
Ethan Suplee    ( as Frankie Fanelli )
Matthew Maher    ( as Gino Fanelli )
Jay Petrick    ( as Wilma )
Jason Mewes    ( as Tuott the Basehead )
David Klein    ( as Cinnamon )
Kevin Smith    ( as Martan Ingram )
Brian Quinn    ( as Traffic Cop )
Scott Schiaffo    ( as Travis Lee )
Ralph Lambiase    ( as Clumsy Cop )
Scott Mosier    ( as Scotty )

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