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The Virgin Suicides Movie

The Virgin Suicides Info:

Released in US April 21, 2000 (limited)
Total US Gross $4,859,475
MPAA Rating R for strong thematic elements involving teens
Highest Combined Star Gross440
Genres Coming of Age
Distributed by Paramount Classics
Major Genre Black Comedy
Director Sofia Coppola

The Virgin Suicides Cast:

James Woods    ( as Mr. Lisbon )
Kathleen Turner    ( as Mrs. Lisbon )
Kirsten Dunst    ( as Lux Lisbon )
Josh Hartnett    ( as Trip Fontaine )
Hanna R. Hall    ( as Cecilia Lisbon )
Chelse Swain    ( as Bonnie Lisbon )
A.J. Cook    ( as Mary Lisbon )
Leslie Hayman    ( as Therese Lisbon )
Danny De Vito    ( as Dr. Hornicker )
Scott Glenn    ( as Father Moody )
Jonathan Tucker    ( as Tim )
Anthony DeSimone    ( as Chase )
Giovanni Ribisi    ( as Narrator )
Michelle Duquet    ( as Mrs. Denton )
Michael Pare    ( as Adult Trip Fontaine )
Hayden Christensen    ( as Jake Hill Conley )

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