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Varsity Blues Movie

Varsity Blues Info:

Released in US January 15, 1999
Total US Gross $52,894,169
Production Budget $16,000,000
MPAA Rating R for strong language throughout, sexuality and nudity, and some substance abuse
Genres Football
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Produced by MTV Films
Music Composed By Mark Isham
Major Genre Drama
Director Brian Robbins

Varsity Blues Cast:

James Van Der Beek    ( as Jonathan 'Mox' Moxon )
Jon Voight    ( as Coach Bud Kilmer )
Paul Walker    ( as Lance Harbor )
Ron Lester    ( as Billy Bob )
Scott Caan    ( as Tweeder )
Richard Lineback    ( as Joe Harbor )
Ali Larter    ( as Darcy Sears )
Tiffany C. Love    ( as Collette Harbor )
Amy Smart    ( as Julie Harbor )
Eliel Swinton    ( as Wendell )
Thomas F. Duffy    ( as Sam Moxon )
Jill Parker Jones    ( as Mo Moxon )
Joe Pichler    ( as Kyle Moxon )
Tonie Perensky    ( as Miss Davis )
John Gatins    ( as Smiling Man )
Marco Perella    ( as Dr. Benton )

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