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A brave-but-undersized pigeon, named Valiant, dreams of joining the elite Royal Homing Pigeon Service and serving crown and country during World War II. Despite his small stature, Valiant's ambitions are enormous as he keeps a stiff upper beak and endures rigorous training in preparation for a dangerous mission to deliver vital messages to troops behind enemy lines. With a shortage of wingpower in the royal fleet due to increased attacks by a brigade of vicious enemy falcons--led by the ruthless General Von Talon--the mission falls to Valiant and the unlikely heroes of "Squad F" to try and save the day. With a wing and a prayer, Valiant and his fine feathered pals fly into harm's way and prove that it's not the size of the wingspan that counts, but the size of the spirit.

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Ewan McGregor (as Valiant - voice )
Ricky Gervais (as Bugsy - voice )
Tim Curry (as General Von Talon - voice )
Jim Broadbent (as Pigeon Training Seargent - voice )
Hugh Laurie (as Gutsy - voice )
John Cleese (as Mercury - voice )
John Hurt (as Felix - voice )
Pip Torrens (as Lofty - voice )
Rik Mayall (as Cufflingk - voice )
Olivia Williams (as Victoria - voice )
Brian Lonsdale (as Toughwood - voice )
Dan Roberts (as Tailfeather - voice )
Michael Schlingmann (as Underlingk - voice )
Sharon Horgan (as Charles De Girl )
Sean Samuels (as Jacques - voice )

Directed By: Gary Chapman
Written By: Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi
Produced By: Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date (US): August 19th, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 49min

MPAA Rating: G for General Audiences

Budget: $40,000,000

Opening Weekend: $5,914,722

Valiant Soundtrack

Valiant Soundtrack
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1. Valiant
2. March of the R.H.P.S.
3. “Wish Me Luck”
4. Meeting Bugsy
5. Arrival at Camp
6. Von Talon and the Bastion
7. Victoria and the Final Training
8. The Eve of the Mission (Adagio)
9. Mouse Division
10. Decoys
11. Re Grouping
12. The Rescue and Escape
13. Winged Heroes (Adagio and Fanfare)
14. End Titles - March of the R.H.P.S. arr. Stubbs
15. Shoo Shoo Baby performed by Mis-Teeq

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