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JAG follows the adventures of Harmon "Harm" Rabb Jr. (David James Elliott), a Naval officer who originally followed in his Vietnam MIA father's footsteps and became a naval aviator. While landing his F-14 Tomcat on a storm-tossed carrier at sea, Harm was diagnosed with night blindness and eventually transferred to the Navy's Judge Advocate General (JAG) corps.

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TV Show Info:

David James Elliott (as Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander/Commander Harmon 'Harm' Rabb, Jr., USN)
Tracey Needham (as Lieutenant (jg)/Lieutenant Meg Austin, USN (1995-1996))
Catherine Bell (as Major/Lieutenant Colonel Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie, USMC (1997-present))
John M. Jackson (as Rear Admiral Albert Jethro 'A.J.' Chegwidden (1996-2004))
Patrick Labyorteaux (as Lieutenant (jg)/Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander Bud Roberts, Jr., USN (1997-present))
Karri Turner (as Ensign/Lieutenant J.G./Lieutenant Harriet Sims (1997-))
Scott Lawrence (as Cmdr. Sturgis Turner (2001-))

Created By: Donald P. Bellisario
Produced By: NBC Productions
Distributed By: CBS Television

Release Date (US): September 23rd, 1995

Runtime:60 min (including commercials)

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