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Primetime tv show done with a 'soap-opera' flair. Set in Dallas and chronicled the exploits of wealthy Texas oil millionaires. Plots revolve around shady business dealings and dysfunctional family dynamics.

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TV Show Info:

Barbara Bel Geddes (as Eleanor Southworth Ewing Farlow #1 (1978-1984, 1985-1990) (original cast))
Jim Davis (as John Ross 'Jock' Ewing, Sr. (1978-1981) (original cast) (played role until his death))
Patrick Duffy (as Bobby Ewing (1978-1985, 1986-1991) (original cast))
Linda Gray (as Sue Ellen Shepard Ewing (1978-1989) (original cast))
Larry Hagman (as John Ross 'J.R.' Ewing, Jr. (original cast) (entire run))
Steve Kanaly (as Ray Krebbs (1978-1988) (original cast))
Ken Kercheval (as Cliff Barnes (entire run) (original cast))
Victoria Principal (as Pamela Barnes Ewing (1978-1987))
Charlene Tilton (as Lucy Ewing Cooper (1978-1985, 1988-1990) (original cast))
Susan Howard (as Donna Culver Krebbs (1979-1987))
Howard Keel (as Clayton Farlow (1981-1991))
Priscilla Presley (as Jenna Wade #3 (1983-1988))
Donna Reed (as Eleanor Southworth 'Ellie' Ewing Farlow #2 (1984-1985))
Dack Rambo (as Jack Ewing (1985-1987))
Sheree J. Wilson (as April Stevens Ewing (1986-91))

Created By: David Jacobs
Produced By: Lorimar Television
Distributed By: CBS

Release Date (US): April 2nd, 1978

Runtime:60 min (356 episodes)

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