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The Bachelor TV Show

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25 single women looking for a serious relationship vie for the affections of millionaire Alex Michael.

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TV Show Info:

Chris Harrison (as Host)
Alex Michel (as Himself)
Amanda Marsh (as Herself)
Trista Rehn (as Herself (eliminated round 6))
Shannon Oliver (as Herself (eliminated round 5))
Kimberley Karels (as Herself (eliminated round 4))
Christina Stencil (as Herself (eliminated round 3))
Kathryn Sapienza (as Herself (eliminated round 3))
LaNease Adams (as Herself (eliminated round 3) (as LaNease))
Rhonda Rittenhouse (as Herself (eliminated round 3))
Alexa Jurgielewicz (as Herself (eliminated round 2))
Amy Anzel (as Herself (eliminated round 2))
Angela Lowery (as Herself (eliminated round 2))
Angelique Madrid (as Herself (eliminated round 2) (as Angelique))
Cathy Grimes (as Herself (eliminated round 2) (as Cathy))

Created By: Mike Fleiss
Produced By: Next Entertainment Inc.
Distributed By: ABC

Release Date (US): March 25th, 2002

Runtime:60 min (including commercials)

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