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Rebecca, a successful actress and her Mr. Mom husband, Tom, have two kids, a virtually nonexistent sex life, and a marriage counselor who is too baffled by the pair to offer any real help. Rebecca's slacker younger brother, Tobey, has been dating the exasperated Elaine for eight years but can't seem to commit to getting married and having a family. The status quo is given a serious jolt, however, when Tom is drawn into an affair with a mother at his son's school and Elaine finally gives Tobey an ultimatum, sending him into a fling with a sexy (and married) former college flame. When the fates of both couples culminate a very public finale on the stage at Lincoln Center, both Rebecca and Elaine will have to decide--do they trust the man?

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Box Office Info:

David Duchovny (as Tom )
Julianne Moore (as Rebecca )
Sascha Gillen (as Baby Maggie )
Brianna Gillen (as Baby Maggie )
Liam Broggy (as David )
Scott Sowers (as Terminex Guy )
Billy Crudup (as Tobey )
Maggie Gyllenhaal (as Elaine )
Garry Shandling (as Dr. Beekman )
Sarah Knowlton (as Elaine's Boss )
Brian Tarantina (as Crazy Hair Driver )
Justin Bartha (as Jasper )
David Greenspan (as Francis, the Director )
Dagmara Dominczyk (as Pamela )
Eva Mendes (as Faith )

Directed By: Bart Freundlich
Written By: Bart Freundlich
Produced By: Fox Searchlight

Release Date (US): Septmeber 8th, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 43min

MPAA Rating: R for language and sexual content

Budget: $10,000,000

Opening Weekend: $180,271

Trust the Man Soundtrack

Trust the Man Soundtrack
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1. It is What it is - Preacherman
2. Indelible Mark - Libby Johnson
3. Don't Mean You Lost Your Love - Libby Johnson
4. Everything - Ben Harper
5. Half A Man - Chocolate Genius
6. Everlasting No - Dave's True Story
7. Rain - Libby Johnson
8. Shiny on the Inside - Leona Naess
9. Be Be Your Love - Rachael Yamagata
10. Closer - Ann Colville
11. Pizza & Fairytales - Kelly Padrick
12. Every Broken Curve - Libby Johnson
13. Hap Hap Happy Christmas - Uncle Carl

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