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The Truman Show Movie

The Truman Show Info:

Released in US June 5, 1998
Total US Gross $125,618,201
Production Budget $60,000,000
Worldwide Gross $248,400,000
MPAA Rating PG for thematic elements and mild language
Highest Combined Star Gross260
Genres TV Industry
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Produced by Scott Rudin Productions
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Drama
Director Peter Weir

The Truman Show Cast:

Jim Carrey    ( as Truman Burbank )
Laura Linney    ( as Meryl )
Noah Emmerich    ( as Marlon )
Natascha McElhone    ( as Lauren/Sylvia )
Holland Taylor    ( as Truman's Mother )
Ed Harris    ( as Christof )
Brian Delate    ( as Truman's Father )
Paul Giamatti    ( as Control Room Director )
Philip Baker Hall    ( as Network Executive )
Harry Shearer    ( as Mike Michaelson )

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