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A patchwork of stories about various factions of the drug trade, including dealers, abusers and the law enforcement officials who pursue them. Mexican policeman Javier Rodriguez works on and around the border with his close friend and fellow policeman Manolo Sanchez, under Mexico's number one crime fighter, General Salazar. Confronted with temptations of power and money, Javier resists them but finds himself--and Manolo--caught in a web of corruption that leads to an untenable situation. Back in the U.S., Ohio State Supreme Court Justice Robert Wakefield is named by the president as the new antidrug czar. Collecting information, the uncompromising and conservative Wakefield prepares to supervise the country's task forces and partner them with Mexico's. But, at home, he and his wife Barbara must deal with their increasingly drug-addicted teenage daughter Caroline. In San Diego, undercover DEA agents Montel Gordon and Ray Castro work overtime to help the U.S. government build its case against the infamous Obregon drug cartel. Their bust of midlevel drug trafficker Eduardo Ruiz pays off when their new prisoner cuts a deal to testify against wealthy drug baron Carlos Ayala, who lives in the upscale suburbs. Carlos is arrested, shocking his unknowing and pregnant wife Helena. Helena and her son are quickly threatened by her husband's associates and tailed by the DEA agents. Enlisting the aid of attorney Arnie Metzger. Helena vows to get Carlos out of jail and keep her children safe--even if it means taking over her husband's business.

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Box Office Info:

Benicio Del Toro (as Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez )
Jacob Vargas (as Manolo Sanchez )
Andrew Chavez (as Desert truck driver )
Michael Saucedo (as Desert truck driver )
Tomas Milian (as Gen. Arturo Salazar )
Jose Yenque (as Salazar soldier/torturer )
Emilio Rivera (as Salazar Soldier #2 )
Michael O'Neill (as Lawyer Rodman )
Michael Douglas (as Robert Hudson Wakefield )
Miguel Ferrer (as Eduardo Ruiz )
Russell G. Jones (as Clerk )
Lorene Hetherington (as State Capitol Reporter #1 )
Eric Collins (as State Capitol Reporter #2 )
Beau Holden (as DEA Agent (CalTrans) )
Peter Stader (as DEA Agent (CalTrans) )

Directed By: Steven Soderbergh
Written By: Simon Moore & Stephen Gaghan
Produced By: USA Films

Release Date (US): Janurary 1st, 2001

Length of Movie: 2h 27min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for pervasive drug content, strong language, violence and some sexuality.

Budget: $48,000,000

Opening Weekend: $250,580

Domestic Box Office Gross: $124,107,476

Traffic Soundtrack

Traffic Soundtrack
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1. Helicopter
2. No Swinging the Club in the Car
3. Immunity
4. What's Your Daughter On?
5. You Two Don't Like Me
6. La Cagaste
7. The West End
8. I Know She's In There
9. La Pura Verdad
10. Just Shoot Him
11. Loading the Plane
12. I Can't Do This
13. The Police Won't Help You Find Your Car
14. Piano Sonata #1 in F Minor movement #?
15. On the Rhodes Again - Morcheeba
16. Give the Po' Man a Break - Fatboy Slim
17. Rockers Hi Fi (Love and Insanity Dub)- Kruder and Dorfmeister Sessions
18. Ascent (An Ending)

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