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Toy Story Movie

Toy Story Info:

Released in US November 22, 1995
Total US Gross $191,796,233
Production Budget $30,000,000
Prints and Advertising Budget $20,000,000
Worldwide Gross $356,800,000
MPAA Rating G
Highest Combined Star Gross132
Franchises Toy Story
Genres Digital Animation, Living Toys
Distributed by Buena Vista
Produced by Pixar
Music Composed By Randy Newman
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Animated
Director John Lasseter

Toy Story Cast:

Tim Allen    ( as Buzz Lightyear (voice) )
Tom Hanks    ( as Woody (voice) )
John Ratzenberger    ( as Hamm the Piggy Bank )
R. Lee Ermey    ( as Sarge )
Annie Potts    ( as Bo Peep )
Wallace Shawn    ( as Rex the Green Dinosaur )
Don Rickles    ( as Mr. Potato Head )
Jim Varney    ( as Slinky Dog )
Laurie Metcalf    ( as Andy's Mother )

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