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Titan A.E. Movie

Titan A.E. Info:

Released in US June 16, 2000
Total US Gross $22,751,979
Production Budget $75,000,000
Worldwide Gross $36,751,979
MPAA Rating PG for action violence, mild sensuality and brief language
Highest Combined Star Gross186
Genres Digital Animation
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Animated
Director Don Bluth

Titan A.E. Cast:

Matt Damon    ( as Cale )
Drew Barrymore    ( as Akima )
Bill Pullman    ( as Korso )
Nathan Lane    ( as Preed )
Tone Loc    ( as Tek )
Jim Breuer    ( as The Cook )
Alex D. Linz    ( as Yong Cale )
Christopher Scarabosio    ( as Queen Drei )
Charles Rocket    ( as Firrikash/Slave Trader Guard )
Ken Hudson Campbell    ( as Po )
Tsai Chin    ( as Old Woman )
Crystal Scales    ( as Drifter Girl )
Thomas A. Chantler    ( as Male Announcer )
Elaine A. Clark    ( as Citizen )
Roy Conrad    ( as Second Human )
Janeane Garofalo    ( as Stith (voice) )
John Leguizamo    ( as Gune (voice) )
Ron Perlman    ( as Sam Tucker (voice) )
Jim Cummings    ( as Chowquin )

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