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In a family of heroes, Alan Tracy was always being left out. While his father, billionaire and former astronaut Jeff Tracy and his four elder brothers are busy saving the world, Alan's biggest challenge is saving his grade point average at boarding school. And what's worse, he can't even tell his schoolmates that his dad and brothers are better known as the fearless adventurers behind the top-secret organization International Rescue--called in to save those in need whenever disaster strikes. Alan dreams of one day joining his close-knit family in their global vocation and even getting into the driver's seat of one of the awesome, incredible machines the Tracys' utilize in their life-saving work; the Thunderbirds. Back home on Tracy Island--a secret oasis in the South Pacific and headquarters to International Rescue--Alan and his friends, the brainy Fermat and the adventurous Tin-Tin, are left behind as Jeff Tracy and his elder sons are deployed on a fake mission by their arch nemesis The Hood. Once the master criminal takes control of Tracy Island and the Thunderbirds, it falls to Alan and his friends to come up with a plan to defeat The Hood and rescue his family--oh, and save the world while they're at it.

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Box Office Info:

Brady Corbet (as Alan Tracy )
Bill Paxton (as Jeff Tracy )
Soren Fulton (as Fermat )
Ben Kingsley (as The Hood )
Anthony Edwards (as Brains )
Sophia Myles (as Lady Penelope )
Ron Cook (as Parker )
Philip Winchester (as Scott Tracy )
Lex Shrapnel (as John Tracy )
Dominic Colenso (as Virgil Tracy )
Ben Torgersen (as Gordon Tracy )

Directed By: Jonathan Frakes
Written By: Gerry Anderson & Sylvia Anderson
Produced By: Universal Pictures

Release Date (US): July 30th, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 27min

MPAA Rating: PG (for intense action sequences and language)

Budget: $70,000,000

Opening Weekend: $2,654,000

Thunderbirds Soundtrack

Thunderbirds Soundtrack
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1. Thunderbirds Are Go!
2. International Rescue
3. Lady Penelope: At Your Service
4. The Hood
5. You Need To Grow Up
6. Can't Wait To Be A Thunderbird
7. Galion Electrolyte Compound
8. TB 3 Takeoff
9. Tracy Island
10. Junior Mission
11. Fafafa...No Way!
12. Thunderize!
13. Lady Penelope To The Rescue
14. Buggy Chase15. Major Disaster
15. Bank Of England
16. F.A.B.
17. Thunderbirds Are Go! - Performed by Busted

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