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The Thin Red Line Movie

The Thin Red Line Info:

Released in US December 23, 1998
Total US Gross $36,400,491
Production Budget $52,000,000
MPAA Rating R for realistic war violence and language
Highest Combined Star Gross37
Genres World War II
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Music Composed By Hans Zimmer
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Major Genre Drama
Director Terrence Malick

The Thin Red Line Cast:

Sean Penn    ( as Welsh, Edward, EM, 1st Sgt )
Adrien Brody    ( as Fife, Cpl, Fwd Clk )
James Caviezel    ( as Witt, Pvt, of Cannon Co )
Ben Chaplin    ( as Bell, Pvt, Rflmn )
George Clooney    ( as Bosche, Charles S, Capt, "C" Co Cmdg )
John Cusack    ( as Gaff, John B, Capt, 1st Bn Exec )
Woody Harrelson    ( as Keck, S/Sgt, Ldr 2nd Pl )
Elias Koteas    ( as Staros, James I, Capt, "C" Co Cmdg )
Jared Leto    ( as Whyte, William L, 2nd Lt, 1st Pl Cmdg )
Dash Mihok    ( as Doll, Pvt 1Cl, Rflmn )
Bill Pullman   
Will Wallace    ( as Hoke )
Nick Nolte    ( as Tall, Gordon M L, Lt. Col, 1st Bn Cmdg )
John C. Reilly    ( as Storm, S/Sgt, Mess )
John Savage    ( as McCron, Sgt, Sqd Ldr Rfl )
John Travolta    ( as Brig. Gen. Quintard )
Donal Logue    ( as Marl (uncredited) )
Thomas Jane    ( as Private Ash )
Billy Bob Thornton    ( as Thanks To )
Tim Blake Nelson   
Miranda Otto    ( as Marty Bell )
Nick Stahl    ( as Private First Class Edward Beade )
Lukas Haas   

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