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The Terminator Movie

The Terminator Info:

Released in US October 26, 1984
Total US Gross $38,019,031
Production Budget $6,400,000
Highest Combined Star Gross632
Franchises Terminator
Genres End of the World, Time Travel, Visual Effects
Distributed by Orion Pictures
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Science Fiction
Director James Cameron

The Terminator Cast:

Arnold Schwarzenegger    ( as The Terminator )
Michael Biehn    ( as Kyle Reese )
Linda Hamilton    ( as Sarah Conner )
Paul Winfield    ( as Lt. Traxler )
Lance Henriksen    ( as Detective Vukovich )
Rick Rossovich    ( as Matt )
Bess Motta    ( as Ginger )
Earl Boen    ( as Dr. Silberman )
Dick Miller    ( as Alamo Guns Clerk )
Shawn Schepps    ( as Nancy )
Bruce M. Kerner    ( as Desk Sergeant )
Franco Columbu    ( as Future Terminator )
Bill Paxton    ( as Punk Leader )
Brad Rearden    ( as Punk )
Brian Thompson    ( as Punk )

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