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Old ways die hard... and even now in the fast-changing American South, some old ways die harder than others. It's the lesson learned by Carl Lee Hailey, a Mississippi factory worker, when his ten-year-old daughter is brutally assaulted by two racist thugs on a drunken spree. It's the lesson learned by eager young lawyer Jake Brigance, called upon to defend Carl Lee in court after Hailey shoots both men in an act of passionate retribution for the shattered innocence of his little girl. And it's the lesson learned by Ellen Roark, an energetic, ambitious and razor-sharp Boston-born law student at "Ole Miss." As Jake fights to defend Carl Lee, his own life and the safety of his family and colleagues become increasingly jeopardized. And now, as a full-scale conflagration simmers just below the surface and threatens to explode in this small, Southern community, Jake and Carl Lee must find a way to transcend their fundamental differences and work together for the same cause... equal justice.

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Box Office Info:

Matthew McConaughey (as Jake Tyler Brigance)
Sandra Bullock (as Ellen Roark)
Samuel L. Jackson (as Carl Lee Hailey)
Kevin Spacey (as D.A. Rufus Buckley)
Oliver Platt (as Harry Rex Vonner)
Charles Dutton (as Sheriff Ozzie Walls)
Brenda Fricker (as Ethel Twitty)
Donald Sutherland (as Lucien Wilbanks)
Kiefer Sutherland (as Freddie Lee Cobb)
Patrick McGoohan (as Judge Omar Noose)
Ashley Judd (as Carla Brigance)
Tonea Stewart (as Gwen Hailey)
Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly (as Tonya Hailey )
Darrin Mitchell (as Skip Hailey)
LaConte McGrew (as Slim Hailey)

Directed By: Joel Schumacher
Written By:John Grisham and Akiva Goldsman
Produced By: Warner Bros. [us]

Release Date: 28 July 28th, 1996

Length of Movie: 149 min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence and some graphic language

Budget: $40,000,000

Opening Weekend: $19,630,000

Domestic Box Office Gross: $108,706,165

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