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Swept From The Sea Movie

Swept From The Sea Info:

Released in US January 23, 1998
Total US Gross $283,081
MPAA Rating PG-13 for elements of theme and some sensuality
Distributed by Sony Pictures
Major Genre Drama

Swept From The Sea Cast:

Kathy Bates    ( as Miss Swaffer )
Ian McKellen    ( as Dr. James Kennedy )
Vincent Perez    ( as Yanko Gooral )
Rachel Weisz    ( as Amy Foster )
Joss Ackland    ( as Mr. Swaffer )
Tom Ball    ( as Isaac Foster )
Zoe Wanamaker    ( as Mary Foster )
Tony Haygarth    ( as William Smith )
Fiona Victory    ( as Mrs. Smith )
William Scott-Masson    ( as Mr. Willcox )
Eve Matheson    ( as Mrs. Willcox )
Dave Hill    ( as Jack Vincent )
Roger Ashton-Griffiths    ( as Canon Van Stone )
Matthew Scurfield    ( as Thackery )
Margery Withers    ( as Widow Cree )
Janine Duvitski    ( as Mrs. Finn )
Willie Ross    ( as Preble )
Janet Henfrey    ( as Mrs. Rigby )
Paul Whitby    ( as Stefan )
Bob Smith    ( as Nikolas )
Angela Morant    ( as Iryna )
Gerardo Silano    ( as Brother Bodan )
Neil Rutherford    ( as Brother Peter )
Sandra Huggett    ( as Brother Bodan's Wife )

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