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Frankie Paige is in her twenties. She works as a hairdresser. She has a boyfriend. There are a hundred other girls like Frankie Paige within a mile radius of her Boston apartment. But unlike all of them, things happen to Frankie--terrible things she can't understand or explain. And though she has tried everything to make them stop, they're just getting worse. She goes to doctors and psychologists, but even they can't answer the most important question: why her? At the moment of one her episodes, a chance encounter with a local priest is caught on tape and frightening implications of the incident drive the Vatican to send their own local investigator, Andrew Kiernan. Confronted with the powerful force that has taken over Frankie, Kiernan immediately recognizes the true danger she is in, and he must search in his own soul for the strength to save her life--even if it goes against everything he believes.

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Box Office Info:

Patricia Arquette (as Frankie Paige )
Gabriel Byrne (as Father Andrew Kiernan )
Jonathan Pryce (as Cardinal Daniel Houseman )
Nia Long (as Donna Chadway )
Thomas Kopache (as Father Durning )
Rade Serbedzija (as Marion Petrocelli )
Enrico Colantoni (as Father Dario )
Dick Latessa (as Father Gianni Delmonico )
Portia de Rossi (as Jennifer Kelliho )
Patrick Muldoon (as Steven )
Ann Cusack (as Dr. Reston )
Shaun Toub (as Doctor )
Tom Hodges (as ER Nurse )
Lydia Hazan (as Attending Nurse )
Duke Moosekian (as Dr. Eckworth)

Directed By: Rupert Wainwright
Written By: Tom Lazarus
Produced By: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Release Date (US): September 12th, 1999

Length of Movie: 1h 43min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for intense violent sequences, language and some sexuality.

Budget: $32,000,000

Opening Weekend: $18,309,666

Domestic Box Office Gross: $50,041,732

Stigmata Soundtrack

Stigmata Soundtrack
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1. Mary Mary (Stigmatic Mix) - Chumbawamba
2. Gramarye - Remy Zero
3. All Is Full Of Love - Bjork
4. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell - David Bowie
5. Release (Edit) - Afro Celt Sound System
6. Inertia Creeps - Massive Attack
7. Identify - Natalie Imbruglia
8. Identify (Dust)/1,000,000 Voices
9. Pop Pop/Await/Reflect (Pretty)
10. Reflect (Clouds)/Truth
11. Of Square Waves/Random Thought
12. Reflection/Possession
13. Reflect (Gray)/Of Sine Waves
14. Distrbnce (After Sckhausen)/Reflect (Pause)/Orah
15. Sustain/Identify (Affectation)
16. All Answers Revealed/Reflect (Devotion)
17. Purge/10,000,000 Voices/Reflect (Purity)/Identify
18. Reflect (Time)/Tree Whispers

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