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Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Movie

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Info:

Released in US July 25, 2003
Total US Gross $111,760,631
Production Budget $40,000,000
Worldwide Gross $167,851,995
MPAA Rating PG for action sequences and peril
Highest Combined Star Gross26
Franchises Spy Kids
Genres Kid Spies, Rescue, Gratuitous Cameos
Distributed by Dimension
Major Genre Action/Adventure
Director Robert Rodriguez

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Cast:

Daryl Sabara    ( as Juni Cortez )
Alexa Vega    ( as Carmen Cortez )
Sylvester Stallone    ( as The Toymaker )
Antonio Banderas    ( as Gregorio Cortez )
Steve Buscemi    ( as Romero )
Alan Cumming    ( as Fegan Floop )
Bobby Edner    ( as Francis the Brain )
Carla Gugino    ( as Ingrid Cortez )
Courtney Jines    ( as Demetra )
Mike Judge    ( as Donnagon )
Ricardo Montalban    ( as Grandfather )
Matthew O'Leary    ( as Gary Giggles )
Emily Osment    ( as Gerti Giggles )
Bill Paxton    ( as Dinky Winks )
Ryan Pinkston    ( as Arnold )
Holland Taylor    ( as Grandmother )
Danny Trejo    ( as Machete )
Robert Vito   
Tony Shalhoub    ( as Alexander Minion )
George Clooney    ( as Devlin )
Elijah Wood    ( as The Guy )
Salma Hayek    ( as Cesca Giggles )
Cheech Marin    ( as Felix Gumm )

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