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Five years after he was murdered by his own colleagues in a covert government operation, Al Simmons makes a pact with the devil to be resurrected so that he may see his wife Wanda once more. In return for the favor, the devil requires, in typically Faustian fashion, that Simmons lead Hell's Army for the destruction of humankind. Blessed in life with extraordinary killing skills, Simmons is even more deadly with the backing of his new master and the changling powers he has at his disposal. As he begins to discover and exercise his new strengths, he encounters two figures who direct him to use his powers in order to serve two different agendas. Cogliostro encourages Spawn to fight the devil and become a new champion for humankind, while Clown goads Spawn into continuing to serve his new master and lead the Armageddon.

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Box Office Info:

Michael Jai White (as Al Simmons/Spawn)
John Leguizamo (as Clown/Violator)
Martin Sheen (as Jason Wynn)
Theresa Randle (as Wanda Blake)
Nicol Williamson (as Cogliostro)
D.B. Sweeney (as Terry Fitzgerald)
Melinda Clarke (as Jessica Priest)
Miko Hughes (as Zack)
Sydni Beaudoin (as Cyan)
Michael Papajohn (as Glen, Zack's Dad)
Frank Welker (as The Devil Malebolgia (voice))
Robia La Morte (as XNN Reporter)
John Cothran Jr. (as African Liaison)
Caroline Gibson (as News Anchor)
Tony Haney (as African Liaison)

Directed By: Mark A.Z. Dippé
Written By:Todd McFarlane and Alan B. McElroy
Produced By: New Line Cinema [us]

Release Date August 3rd, 1997

Length of Movie: 96 min

MPAA Rating: USA:PG-13

Budget: $40,000,000

Opening Weekend: $21,210,131

Domestic Box Office Gross: $54,967,359

Spawn Soundtrack

Spawn Soundtrack
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1. (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
2. Long Hard Road Out of Hell - Marilyn Manson
3. Satan - Kirk Hammett Listen Listen
4. Kick the P.A.
5. Tiny Rubberband - Butthole Surfers
6. For Whom the Bell Tolls - DJ Spooky
7. Torn Apart - Stabbing Westward
8. Skin up Pin Up
9. One Man Army - Prodigy/Tom Morello
10. Spawn - Silverchair
11. T-4 Strain - Henry Rollins
12. Familiar - DJ Greyboy
13. No Remorse (I Wanna Die) - Atari Teenage Riot
14. Plane Scraped Its Belly on a Sooty Yellow Moon - Roni Size

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