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Songcatcher Movie

Songcatcher Info:

Released in US June 15, 2001 (limited)
Total US Gross $3,050,934
Production Budget $1,800,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for sexual content and an intense scene of childbirth
Major Genre Drama

Songcatcher Cast:

Janet McTeer    ( as Dr. Lily Penleric )
Aidan Quinn    ( as Tom Bledsoe )
Pat Carroll    ( as Viney Butler )
Jane Adams    ( as Elna Penleric )
Greg Cook    ( as Fate Honeycutt )
Iris DeMent    ( as Rose Gentry )
Stephanie Roth    ( as Alice Kincaid )
David Patrick Kelly    ( as Earl Giddens )
E. Katherine Kerr    ( as Harriet Tolliver )
Taj Mahal    ( as Dexter Speaks )
Muse Watson    ( as Parley Gentry )
Emmy Rossum    ( as Deladis Slocumb )
Michael Davis    ( as Dean Arthur Pembroke )
Michael Goodwin    ( as Professor Wallace Aldrich )
Bart Hansard    ( as Hilliard )

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