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In Atlantic City, during a hurricane, the Secretary of Defense attends a heavy-weight boxing title match. Rick Santoro, a local corrupt cop, watches with his old friend Kevin Dunne, who is now part of the navy guard on the politician. The Defense Secretary is assassinated during the fight while Dunne is distracted by a mysterious redhead. Santoro wants to cover his friend and in the process begins to uncover a more complex conspiracy. He listens to the testimony of various witnesses, including the boxer who throws the fight, and a blonde woman seen talking to the Secretary. He is led to question his own involvement in corruption and to discover more serious abuses of power.

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Box Office Info:

Nicolas Cage (as Rick Santoro )
Gary Sinise (as Commander Kevin Dunne )
John Heard (as Gilbert Powell )
Carla Gugino (as Julia Costello )
Stan Shaw (as Lincoln Tyler )
Kevin Dunn (as Lou Logan )
Michael Rispoli (as Jimmy George )
Joel Fabiani (as Charles Kirkland )
Luis Guzmán (as Cyrus )
David Anthony Higgins (as Ned Campbell )
Mike Starr (as Walt McGahn )
Tamara Tunie (as Anthea )
Chip Zien (as Mickey Alter )
Michaella Bassey (as Tyler's Party Girl #2 )
Paul Joseph Bernardo (as Casino Security #1 )

Directed By: Brian De Palma
Written By: Brian De Palma & David Koepp
Produced By: Paramount Pictures & Touchstone Pictures

Release Date (US): August 9th, 1998

Length of Movie: 1h 38min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for some violence.

Budget: $73,000,000

Opening Weekend: $16,310,373

Domestic Box Office Gross: $55,585,389

Snake Eyes Soundtrack

Snake Eyes Soundtrack
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1. Snake Eyes (Short Version)
2. Assassination
3. Hunt
4. Julia's Story #1
5. Tyler and Serena
6. Kevin Cleans Up
7. You Know Him
8. Blood on the Medals
9. Crawling to Julia
10. Storm
11. Snake Eyes (Long Version)
12. Sin City - Meredith Brooks
13. Freaky Things - Lakiesha Berri

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