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Viktor Taransky is a down and out Academy Award-nominated director who just lost his last shot at a comeback when his temperamental flesh and blood actress walked off his movie Sunrise, Sunset. And when she left, so did Taransky’s self-respect. Fired by his ex-wife and studio head Elaine Christian, Taransky just lost any hope of recapturing his former life with Elaine and their daughter Lainey. But then computer genius Hank Aleno shows up… Although Hank is not long for this world, he is certain his creation will be in the right hands – Taransky’s. Although Taransky initially rebuffs Hank’s insane proposal, Hank has the last say. He bequeaths the software to Taransky that will change his life forever: Simulation One. Just a few key strokes and an overnight sensation is born: S1MONE. Suddenly, Taransky has a taste of the success he always craved and the world’s most beloved star under his thumb. Or does he? An intrepid tabloid reporter, Max Sayer, is doing his best to challenge that. And his pursuit becomes a little sweeter when Taransky’s immaculate matrix starts to take on a life of her own.

star star

Box Office Info:

Al Pacino (as Viktor Taransky )
Benjamin Salisbury (as P.A. )
Winona Ryder (as Nicola Anders )
Darnell Williams (as Studio Executive )
Jim Rash (as Studio Executive )
Ron Perkins (as Studio Executive )
Jay Mohr (as Hal Sinclair )
Catherine Keener (as Elaine Christian )
Evan Rachel Wood (as Lainey Christian )
Jeffrey Pierce (as Kent )
Jeff Williams (as Man in Suit )
Rachel Roberts (as Simone (as Simone) )
Mitzi Martin (as Premiere Audience Member )
Carole Androsky (as Premiere Audience Member )
Christopher Neiman (as Premiere Audience Member )

Directed By: Andrew Niccol
Written By: Andrew Niccol
Produced By: New Line Cinema

Release Date (US): October 6th, 2002

Length of Movie: 1h 57min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some sensuality.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $3,813,463

Domestic Box Office Gross: $9,680,913

Simone Soundtrack

Simone Soundtrack
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1. Nicola Walks
2. The Perfect Marriage
3. Sorry
4. Not Him
5. Welcome To Simone
6. Dark (Very)
7. Captive
8. Hollywood Love
9. Enomis
10. Presidential Suite
11. No One To Kill
12. Splendid Decay
13. $$$imone
14. No Thanks
15. Off The Records
16. Virtually Forever
17. Surprise Visit
18. I Am Simone
19. Killing Simone
20. Simone Two

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