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The Silence of the Lambs Movie

The Silence of the Lambs Info:

Released in US February 14, 1991
Total US Gross $130,726,716
Worldwide Gross $272,700,000
Academy Award Winner, 1992Best Picture
Highest Combined Star Gross705
Franchises Hannibal Lecter
Genres Serial Killer
Distributed by Orion Pictures
Original Story by Thomas Harris
Music Composed By Howard Shore
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Award Best Picture Oscar
Country United States
Director Jonathan Demme

The Silence of the Lambs Cast:

Jodie Foster    ( as Clarice Starling )
Anthony Hopkins    ( as Hannibal Lecter )
Scott Glenn    ( as Jack Crawford )
Anthony Heald    ( as Dr. Frederick Chilton )
Dan Butler    ( as Roden )
George A. Romero    ( as FBI Agent in Memphis )
Kasi Lemmons    ( as Ardelia Mapp )
Chris Isaak    ( as SWAT Commander )
Frankie Faison    ( as Barney Matthews )
Ted Levine    ( as Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb )

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