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A thriller set in Bucks County, Pennsylvania focusing on the mysterious appearance of a five-hundred-foot design of circles and lines carved into the crops of the family farm. Graham Hess is the family patriarch who is tested in his journey to find the truth behind the unfolding mystery.

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Box Office Info:

Mel Gibson (as Rev. Graham Hess )
Joaquin Phoenix (as Merrill Hess )
Rory Culkin (as Morgan Hess )
Abigail Breslin (as Bo Hess )
Cherry Jones (as Officer Paski )
M. Night Shyamalan (as Ray Reddy )
Patricia Kalember (as Colleen Hess )
Ted Sutton (as SFC Cunningham )
Merritt Wever (as Tracey Abernathy, the Pharmacist )
Lanny Flaherty (as Mr. Nathan )
Marion McCorry (as Mrs. Nathan )
Michael Showalter (as Lionel Prichard )
Kevin Pires (as Brazilian Birthday Boy )
Clifford David (as Columbia University Professor )
Rhonda Overby (as Sarah Hughes )

Directed By: M. Night Shyamalan
Written By: M. Night Shyamalan
Produced By:Touchstone Pictures

Release Date (US): August 4th, 2002

Length of Movie: 1h 46min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some frightening moments.

Budget: $72,000,000

Opening Weekend: $60,117,080

Overall Domestic Box Office Gross: $227,965,690

Signs Soundtrack

Signs Soundtrack
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1. Main Titles
2. First Crop Circles
3. Roof Intruder
4. Brazilian Video
5. In the Cornfield
6. Baby Monitor
7. Recruiting Office
8. Throwing a Stone
9. Boarding Up the House
10. Into the Basement
11. Asthma Attack
12. Hand of Fate, Pt. 1
13. Hand of Fate, Pt. 2

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