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All that no-nonsense LAPD detective Mitch Preston asks is that he be left alone to do his job. Patrol Officer Trey Sellars is a different story. Instead of being a cop, he would much rather play one on TV. One night Trey stumbles into an undercover operation in progress, blowing Mitch's chance of nailing a drug dealer. At the same time, a television news crew barges in on the action. In frustration, Mitch fires a shot at the camera, which lands his photo on the front page of every newspaper and earns him an official reprimand. Knowing a sure ratings draw when she sees one, network television producer Chase Renzi swoops in and sells the Chief of Police on the PR benefits of letting her crew follow Mitch around the clock for a live reality show about cops. For Mitch it's a chance to beat suspension from the force. But the deal comes with one catch -- Mitch must team up with a more charismatic and camera-ready partner -- Trey. For Mitch, it's a living hell. For Trey, it's his dream come true.

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Box Office Info:

Robert De Niro (as Detective Mitch Preston )
Rachael Harris (as Teacher (as Rachel Harris) )
Eddie Murphy (as Officer Trey Sellars )
Pedro Damián (as Ceasar Vargas )
Zaid Farid (as Police Captain Ben )
Alex Borstein (as Casting Director )
Holly Mandel (as Producer )
Marshall Manesh (as Convenience Store Owner )
Nestor Serrano (as Ray )
T.J. Cross (as ReRun )
Mos Def (as Lazy Boy )
James Roday (as Showtime Cameraman )
Joel Hurt Jones (as Reporter #1 )
Chris Harrison (as Reporter #2 )
Perri Peltz (as Reporter #3 )

Directed By: Tom Dey
Written By: Jorge Saralegui & Keith Sharon
Produced By: Warner Bros.

Release Date (US): March 17th, 2002

Length of Movie: 1h 35min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for action violence, language and some drug content.

Budget: $85,000,000

Opening Weekend: $15,011,430

Overall Domestic Box Office Gross: $37,948,765

Showtime Soundtrack

Showtime Soundtrack
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1. Caramel - Shaggy
2. Why - Rude
3. Mr. Lover - Baby
4. My Bad - Rayvon
5. Lie Till I Die
6. Man Ah Bad Man - Bounty Killer
7. Money Jane - Jully Black
8. Your Eyes
9. Fly Away - Gordon Dukes
10. Swingin' - Latrelle
11. Get the Cash
12. Still the One - Prince Mydas
13. Showtime - Shaggy

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