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The Shining Movie

The Shining Info:

Released in US May 23, 1980
Total US Gross $44,017,374
Production Budget $19,000,000
Rentals $30,900,000
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Original Story by Stephen King
Major Genre Horror
Country United Kingdom
Director Stanley Kubrick

The Shining Cast:

Jack Nicholson    ( as Jack Torrance )
Shelly Duvall    ( as Wendy Torrance )
Danny Lloyd    ( as Danny Torrance )
Scatman Crothers    ( as Dick Hallorann )
Barry Nelson    ( as Stuart Ullman )
Philip Stone    ( as Delbert Grady )
Joe Turkel    ( as Lloyd )
Anne Jackson    ( as Doctor )
Tony Burton    ( as Larry Durkin )
Lia Beldam    ( as Young Woman in Bath )
Billie Gibson    ( as Old Woman in Bath )
Barry Dennen    ( as Bill Watson )
David Baxt    ( as Forest Ranger 1 )
Manning Redwood    ( as Forest Ranger 2 )
Lisa Burns    ( as Grady Daughter )
Shelley Duvall    ( as Wendy Torrance )

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