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She Hate Me Movie

She Hate Me Info:

Released in US July 30, 2004
Total US Gross $365,134
MPAA Rating R for strong graphic sexuality/nudity, language and a scene of violence
Distributed by Sony Pictures
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director Spike Lee

She Hate Me Cast:

Ellen Barkin    ( as Margo Chadwick )
Monica Bellucci    ( as Simona Bonasera )
Jim Brown    ( as Geronimo Armstrong )
Ossie Davis    ( as Judge Buchanan )
Woody Harrelson    ( as Leland Powell )
Lonette McKee    ( as Lottie Armstrong )
John Turturro    ( as Don Angelo Bonasera )
Kerry Washington    ( as Fatima Goodrich )
Chiwetel Ejiofor    ( as Frank Wills )
Bai Ling    ( as Oni )
Brian Dennehy    ( as Chairman Church )
Anthony Mackie   

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