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Shakespeare in Love Movie

Shakespeare in Love Info:

Released in US December 11, 1998
Total US Gross $100,317,794
Worldwide Gross $279,500,000
MPAA Rating R for sexuality
Academy Award Winner, 1998Best Picture
Highest Combined Star Gross498
Distributed by Miramax
Award Best Picture Oscar
Major Genre Romantic Comedy
Country United States
Director John Madden

Shakespeare in Love Cast:

Joseph Fiennes    ( as Will Shakespeare )
Gwyneth Paltrow    ( as Viola De Lesseps )
Geoffrey Rush    ( as Philip Henslowe )
Ben Affleck    ( as Ned Alleyn )
Colin Firth    ( as Lord Wessex )
Judi Dench    ( as Queen Elizabeth )
Simon Callow    ( as Tilney, Master of the Revels )
Jim Carter    ( as Ralph Bashford )
Antony Sher    ( as Dr. Moth )
Imelda Staunton    ( as Nurse )
Martin Clunes    ( as Richard Burbage )
Tom Wilkinson    ( as Hugh Fennyman )
Rupert Everett    ( as Christopher Marlowe )
Mark Williams    ( as Wabash )
Adam Barker    ( as First Auditionee )

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