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It all begins when a workaholic Deputy D.A. Dave Douglas takes on a case involving an animal laboratory - one that will take him away yet again from his wife and kids, who already yearn for his all-too-distracted attention. But when Dave is accidentally infected with a top-secret, genetic mutation serum, everything he thought he knew about being himself and his family changes. Yet with his newly perked-up ears, and his front-row seat on the household carpet, Dave is able to gain a whole new perspective into his family's secrets and dreams. Now, he wants nothing more than to stop fetching and return to fathering - only first he'll have to stop the evil forces behind the serum... in an adventure that will bring the whole family together.

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Box Office Info:

Tim Allen (as Dave Douglas )
Jan Devereaux (as Woman in restaurant )
Kristin Davis (as Rebecca Douglas )
Zena Grey (as Carly Douglas )
Spencer Breslin (as Joe Douglas )
Jane Curtin (as Judge )
Shawn Pyfrom (as Trey )

Directed By: Brian Robbins
Written By: Cormac Wibberley & Marianne Wibberley
Produced By: Buena Vista Pictures

Release Date (US): March 10th, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 39min

MPAA Rating: PG for some mild rude humor

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $16,310,058

The Shaggy Dog Soundtrack

The Shaggy Dog Soundtrack
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1. Big Dog - Akon
2. Man's Best Friend - C.Brown
3. Atomic Dog - George Clinton
4. Every Dog Has It's Day - JAJA BIGGS
5. Somethin' About You - The Doghouse Biscuit Band
6. Woof! There It Is - Kevin Mathurin
7. It's A Dog - Kyle Massey
8. Tibet - Alan Menken
9. First Signs - Alan Menken
10. Transformation - Alan Menken
11. Magic Lab - Alan Menken
12. Breaking Through - Alan Menken
13. Kozak Gets A Tail - Alan Menken
14. Meditation - Alan Menken
15. Escaping The Lab - Alan Menken
16. To The Rescue - Alan Menken
17. Family Time - Alan Menken

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