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When spoiled college kid Walter Wade kills a young black student, John Shaft makes the arrest. Walter skips bail and flees the country, and after two years of waiting, Shaft hauls him back into custody as Walter secretly returns to the States. But when Walter's wealthy father posts bail once again, Walter is back on the streets and looking to put Shaft in a body bag. So are two of Shaft's corrupt colleagues, Jack Roselli and Jimmy Grovitch, as well as a Dominican drug lord, Peoples Hernandez, who wants revenge on Shaft for humiliating him in the neighborhood he rules. For backup, Shaft has only his two closest pals: Carmen, a colleague on the police force; and his streetwise confidant, Rasaan. Meanwhile, Shaft has to track down the one murder witness, Diane Palmieri, who can put all of his enemies away for good even as the toughest killers in the city close in on him.

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Box Office Info:

Samuel L. Jackson (as John Shaft )
Vanessa L. Williams (as Carmen Vasquez )
Jeffrey Wright (as Peoples Hernandez )
Christian Bale (as Walter Wade, Jr. )
Busta Rhymes (as Rasaan )
Dan Hedaya (as Detective Jack Roselli )
Toni Collette (as Diane Palmieri )
Richard Roundtree (as Uncle John Shaft )
Ruben Santiago-Hudson (as Jimmy Groves )
Josef Sommer (as Curt Fleming )
Lynne Thigpen (as Carla Howard )
Philip Bosco (as Walter Wade, Sr. )
Pat Hingle (as Judge Dennis Bradford )
Lee Tergesen (as Luger )
Daniel von Bargen (as Lt. Kearney )

Directed By: John Singleton
Written By: Ernest Tidyman & John Singleton
Produced By: Paramount Pictures

Release Date (US): June 18th, 2000

Length of Movie: 1h 39min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and language.

Budget: $46,000,000

Opening Weekend: $21,714,757

Domestic Box Office Gross: $70,334,258

Shaft Soundtrack

Shaft Soundtrack
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1. Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes
2. Bad Man - R. Kelly
3. Up and Outta Here - R. Kelly
4. Do What I Gotta Do - Donell Jones
5. Rock Wit U - Alicia Keys
6. We Servin' - Big Gipp Listen Listen
7. Tough Guy - OutKast
8. 2 Glock 9's - Beanie Sigel
9. Summer Rain - Carl Thomas
10. Automatic - Backbone
11. Pimp Sh*t - Too Short
12. Cheatin' - Liberty City
13. Fix Me - Eve
14. How You Want It? - Mil
15. Ain't Gonna See Tomorrow - Mystikal
16. My Lovin' Will Give You Something - Angie Stone
17. Serenata Negra - Fulanito

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