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Secretary Movie

Secretary Info:

Released in US September 20, 2002
Total US Gross $4,046,737
MPAA Rating R for strong sexuality, some nudity, depiction of behavorial disorders, and language
Major Genre Drama
Country United States

Secretary Cast:

James Spader    ( as E. Edward Grey )
Maggie Gyllenhaal    ( as Lee Holloway )
Jeremy Davies    ( as Peter )
Lesley Ann Warren    ( as Joan Holloway )
Patrick Bauchau    ( as Dr. Twardon )
Kyle Colerider-Krugh    ( as Mr. Garvey )
Sabrina Grdevich    ( as Allison )
Mary Joy    ( as Sylvia )
Lacey Kohl    ( as Louisa )
Amy Locarne    ( as Theresa )
Stephen McHattie    ( as Burt Holloway )
Michael Mantell    ( as Stewart )
Oz Perkins    ( as Jonathan )
Julene Renee    ( as Jessica )
Jessica Tuck    ( as Tricia O'Connor )

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