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The Second Chance

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Jeremiah Jenkins founded Second Chance Community Church amid the turbulence of the civil rights demonstrations in the sixties. He has since moved from the inner city to the suburbs where he founded The Rock, a now mega-church where community service often takes the form of large donations to the collection plate. He continues to travel the world establishing new churches, but he’s lost sight of the place where his journey as pastor began. His son Ethan Jenkins recently left his wayward lifestyle as a West Coast musician to serve as associate pastor at The Rock. He’s busy, affluent and caught up in the big business of a big church. His ministry is more about Sunday simulcasts than service to others. He’s rocking the pulpit and the boat at The Rock, and the church board decides Ethan needs to take a little sabbatical…to Second Chance. Jake Sanders is the Pastor of Second Chance Church. He is street tough and a committed servant to his community. He works hard to keep his church together, and he resents the arrival of Ethan with his fancy car and his “cash can solve anything” attitude. Sparks fly from day one when Jake takes Ethan on a tour of the ‘hood, and the various situations they encounter lay bare Ethan’s misconceptions and insecurities. He resented Jeremiah’s decision to move to the suburbs, and now he resents being saddled with his son. Jake and Ethan struggle to find common ground as they face street gangs, their own shortcomings, and those who would destroy the community church for political gain. Can the faith Ethan and Jake share overcome the prejudices that divide them to give themselves and a struggling urban church a second chance?

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Box Office Info:

Michael W. Smith (as Ethan Jenkins )
Jeff Carr (as Jake Sanders )
J. Don Ferguson
Jonathan Thomas (as Tony )

Directed By: Steve Taylor
Written By: Chip Arnold & Ben Pearson
Produced By: Sony Pictures

Release Date (US): February 17, 2006

Length of Movie: h min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some drug references.

Budget: $1,200,000

Opening Weekend: $226,712

The Second Chance Soundtrack

The Second Chance Soundtrack
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1. Movin' On Up - Third Day
2. All In The Serve
3. Follow Me
4. Refuge (When It's Cold Outside) - John Legend
5. Nothing But The Blood - Jars Of Clay
6. Total Praise
7. Footwashing (Instrumental)
8. Homeless Child - The Holmes Brothers
9. I Surrender All - Ruben Studdard
10. Hang On (Pajam Remix)
11. THe Last Hallelujah (Instrumental)
12. I'm Glad About It - Fred Hammond
13. Ethan Testifies (Instrumental)
14. The Solid Rock
15. We Must Praise - J. Moss
16. On The Rooftop (Instrumental)

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