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Scary Movie 2

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A follow-up spoof that picks up from where the original satire left off, taking aim at supernatural thrillers such as "The Exorcist" and "Stigmata" among others. This time around, Shorty, Ray, Cindy and Brenda are tricked by their professor into visiting a haunted house as part of a school project.

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Box Office Info:

Anna Faris (as Cindy Campbell)
Marlon Wayans (as Shorty Meeks)
James DeBello (as Tommy)
Shawn Wayans (as Ray Wilkins)
David Cross (as Dwight Hartman)
Regina Hall (as Brenda Meeks)
Christopher Masterson (as Buddy (as Chris Masterson))
Tim Curry (as Professor Oldman)
Kathleen Robertson (as Theo)
Chris Elliott (as Hanson)
James Woods (as Father McFeely)
Andy Richter (as Father Harris)
Tori Spelling (as Alex Monday)
Natasha Lyonne (as Megan Voorhees)
Veronica Cartwright (as Megan's Mother)

Directed By: Keenen Ivory Wayans
Written By: Shawn Wayans & Marlon Wayans
Produced By: Dimension Films

Release Date (US): 8 July 2001

Length of Movie:83 min

MPAA Rating:Rated R for strong sexual and gross humor, graphic language and some drug content.

Budget: $45,000,000

Opening Weekend:$20,503,356

Domestic Box Office Gross:$71,277,420

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