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Saving Private Ryan Movie

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Steven Spielberg, directs this award winning drama chronicling the lives of WWII Soldiers commissioned to cross enemy lines to save only one combatant.

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Box Office Info:

Tom Hanks as Capt. John Miller
Edward Burns as Pvt. Richard Reiben
Tom Sizemore as Sgt. Michael Horvath
Matt Damon as Pvt. James Ryan
Jeremy Davies as Cpl. Timothy E. Upham, Interpreter
Adam Goldberg as Pvt. Stanley Mellish
Barry Pepper as Pvt. Daniel Jackson (sniper)
Giovanni Ribisi as Pvt. Irwin Wade, Medic
Vin Diesel as Pvt. Adrian Caparzo
Ted Danson as Capt. Fred Hamill
Max Martini as Cpl. Fred Henderson (as Maximilian Martini)
Dylan Bruno as Pvt. Alan Toynbe
Joerg Stadler as Steamboat Willie
Paul Giamatti as SSgt. William Hill
Dennis Farina as Lt. Col. Walter Anderson

Directed By:Steven Spielberg
Written By:Robert Rodat
Produced By: DreamWorks SKG & Amblin Entertainment

Release Date (US): July 26, 1998

Length of Movie: 2h 50min

MPAA Rating: Rated R

Budget: $70,000,000

Opening Weekend: $30,576,104

Saving Private Ryan Soundtrack

Saving Private Ryan Soundtrack
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1. Hymn to the Fallen
2. Revisiting Normandy
3. Omaha Beach
4. Finding Private Ryan
5. Approaching the Enemy
6. Defense Preparations
7. Wade's Death
8. High School Teacher
9. Last Battle
10. Hymn to the Fallen (Reprise)

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