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The Sandlot Movie

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The story takes place during the summer of 1962, when a new boy in town joins a baseball team and tries desperately to fit in with the others.

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Box Office Info:

Tom Guiry (as Scotty Smalls)
Mike Vitar (as Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez)
Patrick Renna (as Hamilton 'Ham' Porter)
Chauncey Leopardi (as Michael 'Squints' Palledorous)
Marty York (as Alan 'Yeah-Yeah' McClennan)
Brandon Quintin Adams (as Kenny DeNunez )
Grant Gelt (as Bertram Grover Weeks)
Shane Obedzinski (as Tommy 'Repeat' Timmons)
Victor DiMattia (as Timmy Timmons)
Denis Leary (as Bill)
Karen Allen (as Mom)
James Earl Jones (as Mr. Mertle)
Marley Shelton (as Wendy (as Marlee Shelton))
Herb Muller (as Young Mr. Mertle)
Garret Pearson (as Police Chief)

Directed By: David M. Evans
Written By:Robert Gunter and David M. Evans
Produced By:20th Century Fox [us]

Release Date April 11th, 1993

Length of Movie: 101 min



Opening Weekend: $4,918,712

Domestic Box Office Gross: $32,416,586

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