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A Cinderella tale about the young daughter of a wealthy Long Island family's chauffeur--living on the estate with her father--who falls for the playboyish son of the family, but later realizes that his all-business, serious older brother is the one she really loves and the feeling becomes mutual.

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Box Office Info:

Harrison Ford (as Linus Larrabee)
Julia Ormond (as Sabrina Fairchild)
Greg Kinnear (as David Larrabee)
Nancy Marchand (as Maude Larrabee)
John Wood (as Tom Fairchild)
Richard Crenna (as Patrick Tyson)
Angie Dickinson (as Mrs. Ingrid Tyson)
Lauren Holly (as Elizabeth Tyson, MD)
Dana Ivey (as Mack)
Miriam Colon (as Rosa)
Elizabeth Franz (as Joanna)
Fanny Ardant (as Irčne)
Valérie Lemercier (as Martine)
Patrick Bruel (as Louis)
Becky Ann Baker (as Linda)

Directed By: Sydney Pollack
Written By:Samuel A. Taylor and Billy Wilder
Produced By: Paramount Pictures [us]

Release Date December 15th, 1995

Length of Movie: 127 min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG for some mild language.

Budget: $58,000,000

Opening Weekend: $5,560,000

Domestic Box Office Gross: $53,458,319

Sabrina Soundtrack

Sabrina Soundtrack
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1. Theme from Sabrina
2. Moonlight - Sting
3. Linus' New Life
4. Growing up in Paris
5. (In the) Moonlight [Instrumental]
6. Sabrina Remembers/La Vie en Rose
7. Sabrina Comes Home
8. Nantucket Visit
9. Party Sequence: When Joanna Loved Me/The Shadow of You Smile
10. Sabrina and Linus Date
11. How Can I Remember? - Michael Dees
12. Sabrina's Return to Paris
13. Theme from Sabrina (Reprise)

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