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Chief Inspector Lee of the Hong Kong Police and LAPD detective James Carter go to Hong Kong on a much needed vacation. Carter is looking forward to discovering the city for the first time. But when they arrive, they discover a bomb has exploded in the American Embassy, killing two U.S. customs agents who had been investigating a counterfeiting ring. The Hong Kong police suspect that Triad crime lord Ricky Tan is behind the blast. Inspector Lee is assigned to crack the case, much to the chagrin of Carter who is annoyed as he feels his vacation slipping away. But for Lee the case is personal -- Tan was once his father's police partner and played a direct role in his death. The two cops set off in pursuit of Tan, but this time around it is Detective Carter who is a fish out of water and Lee now has the chance to teach him some lessons. But of course, as the pair chase Tan from Hong Kong to Los Angeles and beyond, Carter has a few things to teach the locals as well.

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Box Office Info:

Jackie Chan (as Chief Inspector Lee)
Chris Tucker (as Detective James Carter)
John Lone (as Ricky Tan)
Ziyi Zhang (as Hu Li)
Roselyn Sanchez (as Isabella Molina)
Harris Yulin (as Agent Sterling)
Alan King (as Steven Reign)
Kenneth Tsang (as Captain Chin)
Lisa Lo Cicero (as Receptionist)
Meiling Melancon (as Girl in Car)
Maggie Q (as Girl in Car)
Patricia Chan (as Club Hostess)
Gelbert Coloma (as Karaoke Singer)
Lucy Lin (as Heaven on Earth Hostess)
Cindy Lu (as Heaven on Earth Hostess #2)

Directed By: Brett Ratner
Written By: Ross LaManna & Jeff Nathanson
Produced By: New Line Cinema

Release DateAugust 5th, 2001

Length of Movie: 1hr 30min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for action violence, language and some sexual material.

Budget: $90,000,000

Opening Weekend: $67,408,222

Domestic Box Office Gross: $226,138,454

Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack

Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack
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1. Area Codes - Ludacris
2. Mine, Mine, Mine - Montell Jordan
3. Party & Bulls*** - Method Man/T.R.
4. No - Kandice Love
5. He's Back - Keith Murray
6. Love Again - Jazz
7. Keep It Real (Tell Me) - Musiq/Redman
8. Crazy Girl - LL Cool J
9. How It's Gonna Be - Lovher
10. Paper Trippin' - WC
11. You Make Me Laugh - Christina Milian
12. Mercedes Benz - Say Yes
13. Blow My Whistle - Hikaru Utada
14. Figadoh - Benzino
15. I'm Sorry - 3rd Storee
16. Brollic - FT (F*** That)
17. The World Is Yours - Macy Gray/Slick Rick

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