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For over a decade Joey Gazelle has successfully juggled his conflicting roles as both loving family man and a low-level employee of the Italian Perello mob in Grimley, New Jersey. However, when Joey ignores the mobís explicit instructions to dispose of a gun used in the fatal shooting of a corrupt cop during a bungled drug buy, he unwittingly puts his entire family in immediate danger. Joey stows this incriminating piece of evidence in his basement for possible future use as collateral against his employers, only to have his sonís best friend, Oleg, discover and abscond with the weapon. Unaware that the disappearance of this weapon could jeopardize both Joey and himself, Oleg uses it to wound his abusive stepfather Anzor, the drug-addicted black sheep of the Russian Yugorsky mob, and then flees into the night. As he vainly seeks safe haven, Oleg encounters and dodges a slew of nocturnal miscreants, all the while being pursued by relentless Perello and Yugorsky henchmen as well as by the nefarious Detective Rydell, a corrupt cop who is hell-bent on profiting from the missing gunís potentially disastrous effects on the already uneasy alliance between the rival Perello and Yugorsky clans. Meanwhile, Joey, hot on Olegís trail and aided by both his wife Teresa and son, has embarked on a frantic night-long search, not only to locate Oleg and the gun, but also to save his own life and street credibility by keeping the gunís disappearance a secret from both mob factions.

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Box Office Info:

Paul Walker (as Joey Gazelle )
Cameron Bright (as Oleg Yugorsky )
Vera Farmiga (as Teresa Gazelle )
Chazz Palminteri (as Detective Rydell )
Johnny Messner (as Tommy "Tombs" Perello )
Michael Cudlitz (as Sal "Gummy Bear" Franzone )
Alex Neuberger (as Nicky Gazelle )
Ivana Milicevic (as Mila Yugorsky )
John Noble (as Ivan Yugorsky )
David Warshofsky (as Pimp Lester )

Directed By: Wayne Kramer
Written By: Wayne Kramer
Produced By: New Line Cinema

Release Date (US): February 24th, 2006

Length of Movie: 2h 2min

MPAA Rating: R for pervasive strong brutal violence and language, sexuality and drug content

Budget: $17,000,000

Opening Weekend: $3,075,000

Running Scared Soundtrack

Running Scared Soundtrack
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1. Running Scared / Main Title
2. Love On A Washing Machine
3. The Duke
4. True Grit / ďGet Down!Ē
5. Chasing The Bullet
6. Crack House Cacophony
7. Sitdown
8. The Boys Hide The Gun / Nicky Comes Clean
9. I Belong To Him
10. Equal Measures
11. Dez & Edeleís
12. Fire Fight
13. A Motherís Instinct
14. Youíre An American
15. I Knew This Kid Ö / The Killing Ground
16. Nobody Knows Nobody / Priceless / Drive To Brighton Beach
17. Iced!
18. Aftermath / Across The Pulaski Skyway
19. MacDaddy / T, Iím Coming Home
20. I Was Always The Real Joey
21. A Family United
22. End Credits

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