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Rules of Engagement Movie

Rules of Engagement Info:

Released in US April 7, 2000
Total US Gross $61,322,858
Production Budget $60,000,000
MPAA Rating R for scenes of war violence, and for language
Highest Combined Star Gross191
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Music Composed By Mark Isham
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director William Friedkin

Rules of Engagement Cast:

Samuel L. Jackson    ( as Colonel Terry L. Childers )
Tommy Lee Jones    ( as Colonel Hayes Hodges )
Ben Kingsley    ( as Ambassador Mourain )
Blair Underwood    ( as Captain Lee )
Anne Archer    ( as Mrs. Mourain )
Mark Feuerstein    ( as Captain Tom Chandler )
Amidou    ( as Dr. Ahmar )
Conrad Bachmann    ( as Secretary of Defense Mr. Wyatt )
Gordon Clapp   
Dale Dye    ( as General Perry )
Bruce Greenwood    ( as William Sokal )
Philip Baker Hall    ( as General Lawrence H. Hodges )
Nicky Katt    ( as Hayes Hodges III )
Jihane Kortobi    ( as Little Girl )
Roma Maffia    ( as Dr. Gilpin )
Richard McGonagle    ( as Judge )
Joshua Nottage    ( as Sergeant Krasavich )
Guy Pearce    ( as Major Mark Biggs )
Mike Stokey    ( as (Voice) )
Hayden Tank    ( as Justin Mourain )
Chris Ufland    ( as Ambassador Mourain's Aide )
Will Wallace   
Duane Whitaker    ( as Eddie Keller )
Jody Wood    ( as Juror 6 )

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