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A group of five experts is assembled to retrieve a mysterious briefcase from an equally mysterious group of criminals. American strategist Sam joins French coordinator Vincent, German electronics expert Gregor, American driver Larry and British veteran Spence. They begin in Paris but soon follow the briefcase to the South of France, where it is stolen by Gregor. The remainder of the gang must chase it anew.

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Box Office Info:

Robert De Niro (as Sam )
Jean Reno (as Vincent )
Natascha McElhone (as Deirdre )
Stellan Skarsgård (as Gregor )
Sean Bean (as Spence )
Skipp Sudduth (as Larry )
Michael Lonsdale (as Jean-Pierre )
Jan Triska (as Dapper Gent )
Jonathan Pryce (as Seamus O'Rourke )
Ron Perkins (as Man with the Newspaper )
Féodor Atkine (as Mikhi )
Katarina Witt (as Natacha Kirilova )
Bernard Bloch (as Sergi )
Dominic Gugliametti (as Clown Ice Skater )
Alan Beckworth (as Clown Ice Skater )

Directed By: John Frankenheimer
Written By: J.D. Zeik
Produced By: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Release Date (US): Sept 27th, 1998

Length of Movie: 2h 1min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and some language.

Budget: $55,000,000

Opening Weekend: $12,697,641

Domestic Box Office Gross: $41,609,593

Ronin Soundtrack

Ronin Soundtrack
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1. Ronin Theme
2. Team Assembles
3. New Friendship
4. Case
5. Exchange
6. Getaway
7. Thank You
8. Metro
9. Sam and Spencer
10. Safehouse in Nice
11. Carousel for Little Tamao
12. Taking Photos
13. Et Toi, Comment Ca Va?
14. Passion
15. This Is the Day
16. Sinister Gregor
17. Arles
18. Gunfight at the Amphitheater
19. Girl Sold Us Out
20. You Can't Kill Me
21. Ronin Myth
22. Wrong Way
23. Sam Goes for the Case
24. I Came for Seamus
25. You Are a Dead Man
26. Good Knowing You

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