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Pumpkin Movie

Pumpkin Info:

Released in US June 28, 2002
Total US Gross $305,690
MPAA Rating R for language and a scene of sexuality.
Genres College
Distributed by MGM/UA
Music Composed By John Ottman
Country United States

Pumpkin Cast:

Christina Ricci    ( as Carolyn McDuffy )
Hank Harris    ( as Pumpkin Romanoff )
Brenda Blethyn    ( as Judy Romanoff )
Dominique Swain    ( as Jeanine Kryszinsky )
Marisa Coughlan    ( as Julie Thurber )
Sam Ball    ( as Kent Woodlands )
Harry J. Lennix    ( as Robert Meary )
Nina Foch    ( as Betsy Collander )
Caroline Aaron    ( as Claudia Prinsinger )
Lisa Banes    ( as Chippy McDuffy )
Julio Oscar Mechoso    ( as Dr. Frederico Cruz )
Phil Reeves    ( as Burt Wohlfert )
Tait Smith    ( as Hansie Prinsinger )
Michael Bacall    ( as Casey Whitner )

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